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EXR55 Cooler

EXR55 Cooler

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As our most popular, the EXR55 gets you out and on the road quickly, with all the toughness and massive storage you need to keep it all chilled and safe. The deep design provides multiple options for packing with up to 8-day ice retention.

Ideal for outdoor adventure, family BBQ, camping trip, or RV excursions. High-performance, modern design for the beach, boat, fishing, or that getaway camping trip

So, at actual size to capacity, the EXR55 is a genuine 55 quarts (52 L), giving you all the versatility for a quick trip or when you need that bit more space.


  • Weighs 25 lb
  • Dimensions: 23.3" W x 17.3" D x 18.1" H
  • Flip-grip easy open latches
  • Rotomold construction with 2″ inch walls
  • Non-skid pads to keep cooler planted
  • A standard wine bottle fits upright
  • Quick change comfort handles

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